Indu Upadhyaya

Director indu@ummeedekasha.com
Indu who is the main driver of this organisation was born in a village in Bihar but her parents were in the middle income group of the society. She had access to reasonably decent privileges in life and was brilliant in her academic career. She always had this inclination to be offering help to the needy. She got married at a young age and got into family way soon and decided to give attention to her son rather than pursue her masters in social welfare which was her desire. She graduated in Political Science with Honours but had this intense desire to be associated with social work to help people. She has been assisting people in managing their daily lives, coping with issues, navigating relationships, and solving personal and family problems, all as a hobby and passion so far. With her husband associated with Healthcare she learnt a lot with this association and has even worked in hospital settings, helping patients and families understand and make difficult health care choices. She has worked with families who were experiencing domestic conflicts. She has travelled to many countries with her husband and by now has exposure to diverse cultures. In recent past she has been on and off in the African continent and was exposed to abject poverty in Nigeria where she did her bit to develop, implement, and assess similar programs to address social issues such as domestic violence, poverty, child abuse, and homelessness. She has been regularly lending support to the devastated families where the child was suffering from serious illnesses including Cancer. Both she and her husband have been donating to the poor and down trodden. She has been investing her money in helping the underprivileged and even her son has inherited this habit to give something to the ones who need, though as a small family she could do only to the extent it was possible. With the setup of a formal organisation in Ummeed she expects more of like-minded people to join as members with her to make a positive impact on society.